Landlords should start to take notice of how ROSSI CRE is beating all odds and leading the way by moving lots of space in a submarket in which the words “leasing” and “success” are rarely found matched together so consistently at one location.  Yet success after success in leasing is exactly what Brian Rossi of ROSSI CRE keeps achieving at Trevion Corporate Park in Germantown, Maryland.

Brian Rossi says it is all about the marketing strategy.  He stated, “When you work in Montgomery County, what broker wouldn’t love a downtown Bethesda office listing where there is low vacancy and the highest demand in the county, or through institutional accounts, have millions of square feet of office listings and can’t help but be closing deals simply due to the sheer volume of space you represent? ‘But as a small local brokerage firm, we have few office listings and they are in difficult submarkets, so we have to make the very most of it. We look at each listing as a must succeed opportunity that requires a unique marketing strategy for its branding and visibility so it rises above the competition and a buzz is created about it. Our strategies have been working.”

Much can be learned from the strategies ROSSI CRE is putting to use in order to rise above the competition and win deals for their landlord clients.  Upper Montgomery County is very competitive, high vacancy office market, yet Brian Rossi has just completed his 14th commercial real estate transaction at Trevion Corporate Park in Germantown, Maryland, all within the last 2 years.  This is record breaking, unheard of success in Germantown, Maryland because it has traditionally been a relatively dead submarket for office space leasing during the last decade.

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To learn how ROSSI CRE views the marketing of a new listing, watch this 30 second video presentation: Gain the Advantage